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A Car Hire Excess Insurance for Traveling Abroad

Most people when they are on vacation in another country prefer to hire a car so that they would not be dependent on buses, taxies or other means of transportation. Having their own car or means of transportation allows them to plan their itinerary based on their own pace. It also allows them to get to see the country and different sites independently.

However, in many countries, there is always an excess when hiring a car that is also known as non-waiver or deductible. This means that if the driver is involved in an accident or if the car is stolen or damaged, the driver or the renter will be responsible for the first part of the costs. This is why it is advisable to have a car hire excess insurance .

An excess insurance is no surprise to car owners in many countries since that many regular car insurance providers also require car owners to pay excess on their normal insurance. However, a hire car excess can end up costing up to £2000. In such cases, a car hire excess insurance will prove to be beneficial.

Adults that are between the ages of twenty-one and eight-four are normally covered by a car hire excess insurance. Most car hire excess insurance policies in the United Kingdom generally cover £1.99 per day to cover any excess the car insurer might charge you. Baggage, personal possessions, windows, tires, wheels, the roof and the windscreen are all normally covered by standard hire care excess insurance policies. There are however many different policies available. With sufficient research, you should be able to find the policy that will best meet your needs. If you are known for hiring many cars abroad, you might be offered better rates.

Annual car hire insurance policies are available for those of you are take regular work or pleasure trips for periods longer than a week. An annual policy will prove to be efficient in that you will not need to get individual policies each time you travel. Most annual policies work on a pay and reclaim basis in that the excess is paid to the car hire company which will later reimburse any paid amount.