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If you care about the environment, you know that finance has a relationship with how sustainable environment works. With sustainable businesses or even sustainable products and services, it is impossible to have an environment that we can all live. Equity release can be sustainable if you go with a provider who cares about how they affect the environment. The exciting thing about the services we offer is we open your whole world to how finance can be kind to the environment.

Equity Release Calculator is something that people who are interested in equity release can look into for more information about how equity release can work to their advantage. Look below at how equity release can add financial freedom into your life through our services:

-Helps you live a green lifestyle: Depending on what type of equity release that you choose, you can actually get a cash injection as a tax free lump sum that you can use to live the green lifestyle that you have always wanted. As the world becomes smaller and smaller through travel and immigration, it is important to think of the environmental effect that this is having on our world and how we live our life. Use your tax free lump sum to buy green products such as environmentally friendly bicycles or trainers so you can walk around instead of using your car. Equity release will allow your retirement to be the time of having a green lifestyle.

-Stops excessive spending: There are always going to be times when your spending gets the better of you. Through equity release which can be spread into monthly payments, you know that you will not be spending as much recklessly because you have it as a tax free lump sum. This tax free lump sum will ensure that you keep the environment safe and healthy because there will not consume as much as you think you will, and you will be more selective with what you buy.

Top tip: If you want to get involved in protecting the environment when you are in retirement and keeping to your budget, use drawdown methods from equity release providers so you can take your money in small increments.