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Being Green During the Holidays

Being green during the holidays can be a little more challenging than any other time of year. With over-packaged gifts, gift-wrapping and over consumption, it is easy to go overboard and forget your commitment to a greener planet.

Consider gifts that make a real difference for the planet. What about eco-friendly Christmas personalized ornaments ? What could be more thoughtful or cost-effective? Consider adding inexpensive flare to gifts such as glitter from a craft store. Some Christmas ornaments can even be made completely by hand. Personalized ornaments will be enjoyed for seasons to come.

What about gifts for the penny pincher? Some might appreciate a home energy efficiency audit. This audit tells the homeowner what they can do to improve their home in terms of energy costs. A spendthrift might appreciate a low-flow shower head or a rain barrel (to water plants in the garden), which will save on water costs and the environment.

Consider thoughtful and personal gifts. For example, some coffee companies sell reusable coffee mugs that you can personalize with pictures of you and your loved ones. A gardener might be thrilled to receive a compost bin as a gift. A compost bin turns unwanted food scraps into nourishment for the garden. You could also find an abundance of interesting items at your local thrift store which can be personalized and gifted. Many thrift stores sell frames for pictures. What about painting the frame and adding a family picture for a beloved grandparent? This costs very little money and your thoughtfulness will be appreciated a hundred times over.

If you are shopping for young children it is difficult to not go overboard. What about shopping at a second hand store? This is a great alternative to the toy store, where everything is over-packaged and pricey. Chances are, a toddler will not care where his toys came from!

Whether your eco-friendly gift be larger or small, consider the impact of the gift wrap. If possible, reuse old gift wrap from previous years. Some stores sell recycled gift wrap, which is another great option. After unwrapping gifts, ensure that all gift wrap is either reused or recycled. Gift bags are a great alternative to wrap as they can be used over and over. Small changes such as these will make a lasting impression both on the receiver of the gift and the environment!