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Big Business Means Big Demands on the Environment

There has been substantial criticism directed at big financial institutions in recent years. This criticism has not only been limited to the deterioration of the economic climate, but includes the role big businesses have to play in preserving the environment. No matter what a company does, whether it is responsible for high interest bonds or whether it is a paper manufacturer, all of these companies use paper and electricity.

There has been such emphasis placed on individual energy users, like home owners, to use less electricity and to make sure that they recycle but a big financial institution will use more electricity and more paper in a day than a house will use in six months.

Some companies have made the environmentally friendly move to go paper-less. This means using tablet PCs like the iPad. So instead of printing something you simply send it to another colleague's iPad.

While going paper-less is certainly a step in the right direction more companies need to do it but of course it is also a substantial financial commitment. Many companies have also tried to limit their use of electricity but this is a slow process.

Think about a mine for example. It is a massive financial investment and huge companies are involved. Mines use more electricity in one day than a whole block might use in a fortnight. There is no pressure put on them to limit their electrical demands.