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Environmentally Friendly Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Guests

Two of the biggest concerns for families these days are money and the environment. More and more, people are trying to cut down on their spending, and also find ways to use products which are less environmentally harmful.

In some areas, such as using energy saving lightbulbs, this is quite straightforward. But one area where it can be more difficult is pest control. Everyone has been plagued by some kind of pest in their home, whether it is ants, spiders, flies, or rodents such as mice or even rats.

Traditionally, people have turned to harmful chemical products to get rid of unwanted house invaders such as ants or mice, but there are other options available. For example, did you know that conkers (horse chestnuts) deter spiders? Apparently they hate the smell.

Mice are a harder problem to sort without resorting to chemicals but you should block all possible entry points with wire wool. That is one substance they won't chew through. Mice also hate strong smells such as peppermint oil, as it blocks the scent trails they use. You can also buy humane traps which are re-usable.

Not only are these methods of controlling pests more environmentally friendly than poison or fly sprays, they can also work out a lot cheaper. And anything that benefits the environment and saves you money has to be a good idea.