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Financing Environmentally Friendly Projects in the UK

As the Government has set some relatively ambitious targets for environmental impact targets over the coming decades, many people are wondering if there is sufficient money available in the coffers to actually pay for such projects?

At a time where people are aghast by the way in which the government wastes money on what are considered to be really useless projects, like printing elaborate name badges for every civil servant in Whitehall, for example, we really do wonder if these targets are actually going to be met?

One of the most important targets comes from the fact that the Government is committed to find as many ways of using renewable energy for our power as possible. They understand that fossil fuels are running-out and nuclear power is far from safe and ideal in the future, and these are the main reasons why renewable energy is to be encouraged.

Thus far, several wind farms have been created across the country: many of which have seen numerous wind turbines placed out to sea or turbines erected in areas where they have proven to be extremely unpopular.

Tidal power is another renewable source of energy that is currently being investigated in the coasts off Scotland and it is fast being realised how this natural power is able to provide energy needs to many tens of thousands of homes.