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Penguins and their Environment

Penguins are one of the most adorable aquatic living beings in the world with their cute outlook, simplistic faces and an attractive yet unnatural style of walking which makes them stand out among the rest. Found in cold climatic conditions, penguin environments have changed vastly over the past few decades. With the ice slowly but surely melting, penguins have been hard pushed to adapt themselves in order for them to survive in these aquatic conditions.

There are various types of penguins found in the world with each distinctive from the other based on the environment that they live in, the water that they swim in and the places where they find refuge in. From African penguins to Galapagos penguins and from Humboldt penguins to Magellanic penguins, each type of penguin differs from the other based on their looks, their nature and their migration patterns.

Penguins have been forced to adapt to a different type of life due to the melting of ice bergs and a vast majority of penguins have been able to make the adjustment in their lifestyle so as to survive. A penguin usually has to migrate every now and then in order to find a habitat where the penguin can easily survive. Each penguin type migrates with the bunch according to their own pattern and according to the places where they live and nest in.

Even though penguins can’t fly, they are excellent swimmers and it is with the aid of their swimming that they migrate from once place to the other according to the climatic changes. Penguins can easily walk on land or swim in the water and remain a part of a small group of such species in the world. With webbed feet to help in swimming and with feathers present to keep the body warm, a penguin is built to survive most conditions.

Penguins usually reside in the Southern Hemisphere with penguin environments usually being found around coastal areas, ice bergs and islands. Penguin games and penguin films are usually very helpful in understanding the lives of a penguin and how they adapt to various changes in the climatic conditions and weather.