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Preparing to Study the Environment

If you are about to leave school and find yourself in the process of planning a university career in ecology research , you may be feeling a little anxious. Unless you have already managed to gain some understanding of this field, you might be keen to begin preparing for your chosen career by going out and getting some hands on experience.

For many people, beginning a degree in the environmental sciences is not easy, and this is chiefly because programmes of study tend to differ quite widely from the student's expectations. In light of this, it is an especially good idea to try to gain some work experience before arriving at college.

Perhaps the best way to do this is to volunteer with a non-profit environmental organisation. Unfortunately, this kind of eco-friendly job is not going to do much for your finances, but, if you ask specifically to be placed in the research department, you will gain valuable insights into what life as an ecological scientist is like.

Further, you will be able to cite your time spent volunteering on your academic CV, and this may even help you to win a bursary or bolster your chance of being accepted into an exclusive programme. In this sense, your unpaid work may, ultimately, help to save you some money.

Before you arrive at university to study environmental sciences, it is a good idea first to get some work experience in a relevant field. Often life as a scientist is very different to what you might have imagined, and your time with an eco-conscious charity will help to prepare you for this.