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Why Getting Advice From An Equity Release Adviser is Essential

Equity release advisers are available to property owners who want to source and take a release of equity. These specialist advisers will offer advice to you about what are the best equity release schemes for you based on a number of factors including leaving an inheritance for your beneficiaries, whether you intend to move house, your age & property valuation. It is more advantageous if the equity release adviser was local to you as this would help the environment by saving on fuel costs by driving the length & breadth of the country. Alternatively, lifetime mortgage advice can be conducted over the telephone & via the post which again can help with environmental matters. Upon meeting you, your adviser will want to know how much you would like to leave your beneficiaries also. That way when it comes to releasing equity, you won't release too much of it at one time safe in knowledge that there will be some equity left at the end of the day.

One of the equity release schemes the equity release adviser will tell you about is the popular lifetime mortgage. There are different types of lifetime mortgages, including an interest only lifetime mortgage, which allow you to keep the capital from increasing and will help when leaving your beneficiaries the property. On an interest only lifetime mortgage, you will have to pay the interest on the loan each month.

Equity release advisers will give you the necessary lifetime mortgage advice on why they are a good value for your money. The reasons they are popular is because you will have 100 percent ownership of your property, can build an inheritance protection to ensure a percentage of the eventual sale price and benefit from escalating house prices, if they go up. Even the beneficiary will be able to benefit from the increase in house prices. Whatever the value of the house is at the particular time, they can sell it for that price. Any monies left over will be given to the beneficiaries.

A property owner interested in releasing equity in his or her own property should speak with an equity release adviser sooner, rather than later. Since interest rates in the equity release market are at an all time low, now is the best time to consider taking out an equity release mortgage. However, there are many ways to release equity and it is important to obtain sound independent equity release advice to help you with many of your retirement solutions.

Companies such as Equity Release Supermarket have nationwide equity release advisers, whom can be found local to you, dependent on your location. An appointment can be arranged in the comfort of your own home or over the telephone. The equity release advisers want you to feel as comfortable as possible since you will be making a huge decision and can guide you through the whole process, effectively providing the 'complete equity release service'.